Posted by: Tom Duch | March 29, 2011

From March Badness to March Sadness

This is just getting to be too much. Sure I’ve had bracket problems in the past, but this is where I draw the line. ZERO Final 4 teams picked correctly and just three out of the Elite 8. Terrible, horrid, despicable. All words that could describe the picking from a person who supposedly has a lot of sports knowledge. But being the optimist that I am, I have to look on the bright side…I’m in good company.

Most of the supposed “experts” of college basketball were in the same boat as me, and even Mr. President Barack Obama went without a Final 4 team.

Before this years tourney started Digger Phelps said this would be the most difficult tourney to pick of all time. Maybe that was because Sharpie developed a state-of-the-art highlighter, or maybe because he knew what would unfold would be a SHAKA.

This year I had my worst year to date, as I sit in 3,623,566 place entering Final 4 weekend. That leaves me in the 38th percentile amongst ESPN users.  I thought I was doing much better in my women’s bracket, but like the UConn Lady Huskies, the women’s bracket challenge demands perfection. I got 6-8 (no not Griner’s height) Elite 8 teams and and I still sat in the 42nd % of ESPN entrants. And here you guys are thinking how tough the mens bracket is.

Two years ago I wrote THIS post about my bracket troubles. (Ignore the links to the brackets because they just bring up peoples brackets from this year that have the same ID number). This year has supplanted 2010 as the toughest bracket for me and just about everyone else in America. But believe it or not, two entrants correctly picked all four of the Final 4 teams (one from New Jersey). I guess the less you know the better when it comes to Bracketology. Next year I’m going with some sort of a random pick’em, because what I’m doing doesn’t work.

Oh and the cherry on top, I lost my NIT champ in the first round of that tourney. That’s right laugh it up….I even filled out an NIT bracket. Somethings gotta give in 2012, but again, what do I know about NCAA basketball.


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