Posted by: Tom Duch | April 2, 2011

It’s the FINAL 4 Countdown

For the first time ever there are no one or two seeds in the Men’s Final 4. How hard was it to predict this year’s four remaining teams? Well, out of some near 6 million brackets submitted on ESPN, only TWO entrants successfully picked all four of the teams.

UConn and Kentucky, sure I’d believe you if you told me you had them in your Final 4, but Butler and VCU!!!! The Bulldogs are right back where they were a year ago, and although they were here just last year, they were a big time long-shot to make it to Houston. However there was no bigger long-shot than the Rams of Virginia Commonwealth.

VCU represents the second CAA team in the last five years to make the Final 4 (maybe you’ll get chance in another five years Drexel) after George Mason made an unforgettable run to the semifinals in 2006. Both were 11 seeds, but VCU’s road was a bit tougher, having to beat USC in the play-in game just to be in the field of 64.

Do you smell what the SHAK is cookin?

Finally, the SHAK, has come back, to Houston (or perhaps visiting for the first time). And for the HUNDREDS… AND HUNDREDS of VCU fans out there, the SHAK and his Cinderella team will continue our epic run into the National Finals.

Not so fast SHAK, Butler became the people’s champ in 2010, and it will stay that way this year….


Butler over VCU

In ’06 George Mason beat tourney favorite UConn in the Elite 8 before losing to eventual champ Florida in the next round. I think the same will happen to VCU this year, and Butler will be back in the finals.

UConn over Kentucky

Kemba, Simba, Timon & Pumba will be too much for Coach Cal’s bunch in the later game. Duchisms’ basketball analyst Iron Mike attended the regional semifinals last week and was not impressed with Calipari’s coaching. He told me it looked like five strangers playing a pickup game with each other; no set plays, no offensive sets, just go out there, get an iso and try and beat your man. On the other bench is Jim Calhoun, who at age 68 is older than Brad Stevens and Shaka Smart combined!! He’s got the experience, he’s won national championships before, and this year he’s going to win one again.

Finals: UConn over Butler

Kemba Walker is the best player in the country (sorry Jimmer), and he will show it when he leads the Huskies to another National Championship and takes home tournament MOP honors.


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