Posted by: Tom Duch | April 10, 2011

Cap’n Crunched

There has been a lot of talk about CC Sabathia’s trimmed down 290 frame this year. After weighing in just a pound below Austin 316, CC lost 25 pounds in the offseason. Did he do it by training extra hard and eating well? Well, sort of. Sabathia said his secret was not eating Cap’n Crunch every day.

CC was said to eat up to 15 times the recommended serving size of CC, and apparently cutting it out of his diet really paid off.

It didn’t pay off however for the Cap’n who has supposedly been discontinued. According to many sources, the Cap’n will do longer be making it happen. The rising epidemic of childhood has caused the cereal to cereals’ sales to dwindle over the years, and CC’s comment didn’t help causes.

With the Cap’n sailing into the sunset, it makes you wonder which classic cereal cartoon character could be signing his retirement papers next. Will a healthier, more organic era put some of our greatest childhood friends into extinction? I certainly hope not.


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