Posted by: Tom Duch | April 10, 2011

Mum-for her sons

A week ago UConn defeated Butler to win the NCAA Championship of college basketball. Yes, it was a final that almost no one predicted; almost no one except for Liam’s mum.

Liam is one of the producers for Mike & Mike on ESPN Radio. Liam’s mum is a wild, alcohol loving British woman who was been featured on the show because of her crazy predictions. Three weeks ago, most laughed and thought Liam’s mum made another one of her insane, I’m going to make this team without any knowledge of the sport or team picks. However, it was Liam’s mum who was doing the laughing after this pick was actually correct.

On the Thursday the tourney began, Mike & Mike had both the experts and Liam’s mum give their picks. While most of the experts had Ohio St and Kansas, Liam’s mum chose UConn over Butler in her final. She made her prediction based on only one thing, her son Liam and his brother both went to UConn. A crazy choice yes, but even crazier was her final score, 53-39.

I remember hearing this on the radio and laughing out loud at the seemingly crazy pick. On championship Monday after UConn defeated Butler 53-41, it was Liam’s mum who was suddenly the sane one and all of us who were the crazy ones.

The next day on Mike & Mike they calculated the odds of correctly choosing the pick and the score. Check out the video below:


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