Posted by: Tom Duch | April 12, 2011

NHL Playoff Picks

Making picks is a tough thing to do. Every season there are experts out there who make their picks as to who’s going to win games, who’s going to perform the best, and who’s going to raise the hardware at the end of the year. What do these experts have on me….absolutely nothing. Well a nice cushy job, the clout of being called a supposed “expert”, and having millions of people believe what they pick is right…okay so maybe a few things, but nevertheless I intend to prove that anyone has the ability to become an expert. After all, just look at Liam’s mum.

One thing I love about the NHL playoffs is the unpredictability. Last year the top two seeds in the Western Conference made it to the conference finals. In the Eastern Conference however, it was the two lowest seeds, as the 7th seeded Flyers and 8th seeded Canadiens met for the right to get a shot at the Cup. Like the NCAA Tourney, you never know what can happen in an NHL postseason series.

With absolutely no knowledge other than an occasional Barry Melrose segment, the one Devils game I attended, and about two and a half periods of action on TV this year, I will be making my playoff picks. I am basing my picks off nothing other than upsets are frequent and that Dominik Hasek no longer plays in the league. Here’s the picks:

Eastern Conference

1st Round-

Caps over Rangers

Flyers over Sabres

Bruins over Canadiens

Lightning over Penguins

2nd Round-

Lightning over Caps

Flyers over Bruins

Conference Championship-

Flyers over Lightning


Western Conference

1st Round-

Canucks over Blackhawks

Kings over Sharks

Coyotes over Red Wings

Ducks over Preds

2nd Round-

Canucks over Kings

Ducks over Coyotes

Conference Championship-

Canucks over Ducks


Stanley Cup Final-

Canucks over Flyers

Will the best team in the regular season be the best season of the playoffs? I like their chances. If they do I might just have to buy myself one of their sick throwbacks. I’m thinking good old John Vanbiesbrouck.

The Sedin's traded in the baby faces, and now they hope to trade in those jersey's and hoist up a big Cup instead.


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