Posted by: Tom Duch | April 21, 2011

EDGE Calls It A Career

If you stopped tuning in to WWE telecasts after Wrestlemania (as I normally do for a few months) you may have missed a monumental occurrence on Raw a week later. When Edge hit the ring he wasn’t prepared to wrestle or to do a segment of The Cutting Edge, but instead to RETIRE.

I had no idea this was going to happen and frankly I was in complete shock. So much so that it took me almost two weeks to get this post out. Edge was one of my favorite wrestlers of all time. His persona, his in ring ability, his humor, and getting to meet the Rated R Superstar made him one of the best in my book.

You can read the many of tributes or even check out clip shows of his career on or YouTube, but only right here can you get stories about me interacting with the one they call Edge….

The first time I got to “meet” Edge was at a house show at Continental Airlines Arena way back when. I was sitting about halfway up the first section when all of a sudden, the Edge and Christian music hit, and down the tag team comes right down the stairway where I’m sitting on the aisle seat. Like many people usually do, I tapped Edge on the back as he walked by, only to get a hand full of water from his soaking wet trench coat. Was he outside, did Triple H spit water on him, did he not even time to run it through the dryer? I’m not sure, but I was pretty young at the time and I thought I was the man.

The second time I interacted with Edge I actually did get to meet him. I was at a Yankee game a few years back and while walking through the concourse who do I see but………. MVP. I noticed he looked familiar and I approached him and said, “hey MVP, how you doing?” and shook his hand. After me and Montavious exchanged pleasantries, I saw the guy he was with….and it was Edge.

He was busy with other fans, but my friend said lets go over and get a picture with him. He’s not a big wrestling fan, but he was the photographer, and he got a pretty good shot on his phone. Here I am below in all my glory.

It was very cool meeting him, and a Yanks game I definitely will never forget; just like I will never forget that spear off the ladder to Jeff Hardy as he hung from the belt. Bleacher Report did a nice job putting together this Top 10 of the greatest moments of a Hall of Fame career. Some great moments on the list, but to me none better than that spear or his hardcore match against Mick Foley.

Sadly Edge is done wrestling for good. Now he will have to focus on baseball, as he just got a monster contract in the offseason and needs to start playing like a $100 million man and not a .200 hitter. For now it’s BP and shagging flies, but come next Wrestlemania I expect to see a few spears given out.

Look at that cut, perfect hip action by Werth....I mean Edge


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