Posted by: Tom Duch | May 30, 2011

Best Wrestling Interviews

Bleacher Report recently had a post with the best wrestling interview segments of all time. There have been some great ones over the years, including many from the Great One himself, the Rock, but I have put together my own Top 5.

It’s tough to pick just 5 from this list, and it’s tough to find some of my other favorites, including virtually every Ric Flair promo. Here is the list along with one additional video that isn’t really an interview but made the BR list and had to make my list as well.


In my bonus segment Kane is shown lighting good ‘ol JR on fire. I don’t remember this clip, but I’d like to know what Jim Ross did to Vince McMahon to deserve this.

#5- Hawk forget to check his watch and walks in during VADER time

I always enjoyed Vader as a superstar. Maybe it was the mask, maybe the gigantic frame pulling off moonsaults off the top rope, or maybe his appearances on Boy Meets World. In this clip Vader is doing a promo with the lovely Sunny when Road Warrior Hawk makes an untimely appearance.

#4- Macho Man spins like a ballerina

In this segment, Mean Gene mentions making a 180 and Macho starts spinning….and doesn’t stop for the entire interview. He was always a great showman, but he was also not always all there in the head.

#3- Booker T gets a little too into it

This is a classic Youtube clip in which Booker T calls out Hulk Hogan. Booker gets really into it and instead of calling the Hulkster brother, he uses a different word…

#2- Lex Luger is too jacked

It was hard for me not to put this at #1, but the Narcissist comes in at a close 2nd. Haven’t seen this in years but it still made me laugh just as hard as the first time I saw it.

#1- The Warrior is certifiable

The Ultimate Warrior proved why he is #1 on this Top 5 time and time again throughout her career. The Warrior never got out of character, which is maybe why he legally changed his name to Warrior Warrior, and also why his interviews were so bizarre. If they ever want to bring a Warrior character back I think Christian could easily take the job. Check out his impression at the end on the video to find out why.


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