Posted by: Tom Duch | August 31, 2011

Fantasizing Pt 1: The Lucky Rabbits Foot

Football season is just around the corner which means one thing for supposed football experts everywhere: fantasy football is in full swing. The season kicks off next Thursday so this is a huge week for drafts. One thing I’ve learned over the years is that it takes a lot of luck throughout the year to win a fantasy title.

I’ve won a couple in my day, and I’m not going to lie, I got lucky down the stretch. Whether it’s schedule, standings, weather, or whatever things factor in to what happens with your guys, you can’t win a ring without having good old lady luck on your side. Case in point, last year in my big league, The Rogers Annual, the historically worst player over the past two years took home the trophy. This is a guy who can barely spell football, picked Matt Forte in the first round, and didn’t have Vick.

Going from the basement to the penthouse definitely takes a little luck, especially when you’re facing a perennial playoff team and one that was runner-up last season, my team, The Nature Boys. It turned out that the same guy who didn’t produce for me the year before had a big day in helping Team Jason Kidd (yea that’s right, the guy has a basketball players name for his fantasy football team) win the big one. Thanks for nothin Dwayne Bowe. Two years in a row taking second, now I know how Jim Kelly feels.

That's right Jim, two fingers for #2


  1. I love your articles tom 🙂

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