Posted by: Tom Duch | September 8, 2011

Fantasizing Pt. 2: The 1st Pick Quandry

So you have the first pick in your draft and you don’t know what to do. Adrian Peterson has been the top guy for years but Arian Foster was the biggest producer last season. Then out of left field there’s Michael Vick who often played like the leagues best in some of the best fantasy weeks seen in year. So who do you take???
I say add the D and take Adrian over Arian. I had the chance to draft first in one of my leagues and I jumped at the opportunity to take AP. He’s all business, he runs hard, he scores a lot, and he looks good in purple. I don’t need any of this hammy pulling, pissed off tweeting that Bananas Foster brings with him…too much baggage.
Foster was looking like Emmitt Smith in the preseason before coming up lame with a hamstring pull. I’ve pulled a hammy before and let me tell you, it takes a long time to heal. I know the Texans medical staff is better than a tube of Bengay, but I’m just saying. One of my teammates said of my pulled hammy, “oh that sucks, that will get better uh….never!”
Speaking of injuries, Vick is an injury waiting to happen with the way he plays. He almost never plays a full season and when the Eagles are running away with their division and they sit Mike during those crucial fantasy playoff weeks don’t say I told you so. FYI, ESPN the Magazine did a great job with their last article that was virtually all about Vick. It almost makes you want to route for the guy….but wait, he’s an Eagle. So that’s not gonna happen.

I hope he hasn't thinned out too much from eating all that Subway

The straw that broke the camels back for me was Foster’s tweet about he got injured.
Arian Foster
ArianFosterArian Foster
4 those sincerely concerned, I’m doing ok & plan 2 B back by opening day. 4 those worried abt your fantasy team, u ppl are sick
Sure I care about your injury, I care that it is going to effect my fantasy squad. If you don’t want to play for me, I’ll find someone else who will. Then he took it to the next level:
Arian Foster
ArianFosterArian Foster
I know opinions are usually cement. But, I love all my fans. My quarrel is with people who value a digital game over a humans health.
It’s pretty popular Mr. Foster, they even made a channel for fantasy guys everwhere, it’s called the RedZone channel. Get with the program and get back to putting on that Bengay. Foster later tweeted an x-ray of his hammy and John Clayton responded on his Twitter, stating that it was torn. I’m no doctor, but John Clayton is darn close to being one when it comes to football.
I did go ahead and take Foster with the 5th pick in another league and I was extremely happy to get him in that spot. I was also happy that he took a shot at the Tom Brady loving, Dustin Pedroia butt kissing New Englander that is…Colin Cowherd.
Arian Foster
ArianFosterArian Foster
Did you want to be a critic as a child? Or did your dreams die with your humility? RT @ESPN_Colin Hey Arian Foster—
‘We really do care about you as a human too. Um,now about that hammy?
–signed, everybody


  1. Love your whittiness tom! Is there a direct link to see all your articles? I only catch some randomly through the mini feed

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