Posted by: Tom Duch | September 8, 2011

Fantasizing Pt. 3: Best Names

A couple times every draft you come across some guys who you just have to give a double take. You give the, why is this guy ranked so high I’ve never even heard of him. You might even get one of the weisenheimers in your league to quote Sandlot and say, “who is she!?” This year I think that guy is Daniel Thomas. Last year, and still at a decent standing this year even after being injured last year, Montario Hardesty. I got a friend who’s talked nothing but high praise on Monty the past two years, while after I took him in one league another guy responded, “what the heck is a Montario Hardesty!??”

Everybody loves a good name, especially a good team name. Despite all his troubles and big fall from grace, I continue to honor Ric Flair with my team, The Nature Boys. My guys are at the top of their game so I’m not going to think about changing the name; but if I did what would I choose….

Click HERE to view a list of the best names from last season. Some of my personal favorites, not including Revis & Butthead which was one of my team names last year.

Whatchu talkin bout HILLIS?


FAVRE Dollar Footlongs

Forgetting Brandon Marshall

and for those who like the inapropriate stuff- VICK in a Box and SUH Girls, One Cup

and there’s a bunch of good ones for Chad Henne:

OMG they killed HENNE

HENNE Given Sunday

HENNE Nut Cheerios

If you think long and hard about it, anyone can come up with a good fantasy name. Just depends who’s on your team and how well you channel your inner Chris Berman.

Any thoughts on a Nucky Thompson shout out:

Mike Sims-Walk Empire…..

Send me your favorites.


  1. Kiss my tight end…shake your TD..backfield name a few

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