Posted by: Tom Duch | December 15, 2010

Whacky Weather Weekend in NFL

Coming to a Ford Field near you

Old Man Winter officially made his presence felt in the NFL in week 14. In Chicago, snow and wind whipped through the Windy City; however not enough to prevent Tom Brady from throwing 40 passes, or from taking every single snap from the shotgun. In DC, the Redskins tied the game late against the Bucs….oh no wait, wait, they missed the extra point to tie it with less than 10 seconds left. As the rain poured down, the snap went right through the holders’ hands and the ‘Skins lost another.

The worst weather however occurred in Minnesota where the Giants were supposed to play the Vikings; key words supposed to. After a snowstorm left 17″ of snow on the roof of the Metrodome, the roof actually caved in (see video below). Luckily the game had been canceled before the snow came crashing onto the field, and was moved to Monday where it would be played in Detroit. Tickets were given out for free, which probably made the butt-whooping a little easier for the Vikes fans.

Giants are looking great, but we’ll see next week if this little snow day took away from their prep time for the huge matchup against the Eagles for first place in the NFC East.


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